Paris Hadjipanayis

Paris is the managing partner of the Firm. His primary areas of expertise are corporate and taxation law, civil and commercial litigation, banking law and trusts.

He specializes in corporate and regulatory structures with an emphasis on SPVs for asset management and tax optimization purposes.

Paris has acquired extensive experience in the blockchain and technology industry and is advising both retail and institutional clients on CASP licenses, tokenization and portfolio management via corporate structuring.

Paris has led the court proceedings in Cyprus (in collaboration with a prestigious law firm in the UK) of a mass class action during 2013 – 2015 where he successfully represented UK clients on CHF – denominated (non performing) consumer loans against banking institutions and developing companies by litigating pre-trial jurisdictional and bad service matters as well as tortious and contractual offences on the merits via a vis consumers’ rights. Paris is advising on estate planning through corporate structuring with an emphasis on Cyprus International Trusts for high net worth individuals.

Articles by Paris Hadjipanayis

So, how is crypto taxed in Cyprus?

So, how is crypto taxed in Cyprus?

In this article we will be explaining various tax implications related to cryptocurrencies regarding the applicable tax regime in Cyprus in order to assist the public to grasp a basic idea of its tax exposure when submitting its annual tax returns whether on a...

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