Cyprus International Trusts

At PAHALAW, we highly recommend the formation of a CIT, a long-term estate planning  vehicle, that can be best utilized to organize, administer, invest and protect your worldwide assets in a tax efficient and flexible environment.

Company Formation

Whether you are a young entrepreneur looking at starting your own company or you are part of an existing corporation operating in multiple jurisdictions, Cyprus is the ideal jurisdiction to establish or re-allocate your business.

Wills & Probates

Organizing your estate affairs as soon as possible will ensure you and your loved ones the means for a continued enjoyment of private wealth.

Entertainment Law

PAHALAW, is at the forefront of advising the media, literary, music, gaming, sports and entertainment industries on legal, finance, borrowing, investment and corporate issues.


At PAHALAW, we offer fast-track and highly competitive rates for registering and processing your Trademark nationally, in EU or worldwide to protect your business from passing-off while safeguarding your intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unregistered rights such as copyright, design right and database rights still benefit from the existence of a statute providing for their enforcement, whilst the rights of ‘passing off’ and protection for valuable know-how must rely upon common law for their protection, in the latter case by breach of contract.

Banking Services

PAHA can establish bank accounts of any type, for individuals or companies of any nationality. It usually takes 7 to 10 days to open a corporate or a personal bank account depending on the due diligence process affecting each client’s particulars.

Estate Planning & Tax Optimization

Sorting out your private affairs as early as possible is paramount when you are dealing with other family members. Life can sometimes play tricks on us and not all family relations end up in best of terms. An ex-spouse, a distanced cousin from your former’s wife side living abroad…

Contract Law in Commercial Transactions

When dealing with daily commercial transactions you need to ensure that any type of business venture is backed up by a written agreement. This will ensure that your interests are well protected in case where a counterparty decides to act contrary to what was initially agreed or goes default on a payment schedule.

Alternative Investment Funds in Cyprus

Why an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) in Cyprus? The Law provides for two types of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), namely AIFs without limitations as to the number of investors and AIFs with limited number of persons. The choice of an AIF has a number of significant advantages

Virtual Offices

At PAHALAW, we understand the importance of mobility, confidentiality and flexibility. In a fast paced world where commercial transactions take place in multi jurisdictions, having corporate substance and physical presence in key locations such as Cyprus within the European Union, may very well be the foundation for tax efficiency, branding awareness and a business development standpoint.

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FAQ on estate planning for UK expats in Cyprus

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