Estate Planning & Tax Optimization

Estate planning via Trusts

Sorting out your private affairs as early as possible is paramount when you are dealing with other family members. Life can sometimes play tricks on us and not all family relations end up in best of terms. An ex-spouse, a distanced cousin from your former’s wife side living abroad, a business venture that went astray left your brother unhappy, a creditor that is motivated to attack your personal assets in a debt collection effort or even your children ended up cutting each other’s throats over an assets’ distribution dispute. These scenarios and many more, although ugly and unpleasant, form real challenges that call for your early actions in order to ensure that your estate and private wealth does not end in the wrong hands due to a forced probate action or some statutory per stripe rule or an unwelcoming right to succession.
This is why our expert advisers will sit down and work with you to find the most appropriate estate planning and asset protective solution to safeguard your hard earned money. Although there are various types of trusts including discretionary, bear, protective, purpose, charitable, resulting or even constructive trusts, setting up your Cyprus International Trust will determine the management, administration, investment and distribution of assets according to your instructions and mandates that shall be strictly followed by your Trustee. While the Protector of the Trust must be an entrusted person close to the settlor, we strongly advise you to use a professional and licensed Trustee as his role will be decisive on the smooth running and healthy operation of your Trust Fund in the many years to come. At PAHALAW we hold the key to craft a bullet proof CIT and ensure its longevity and continuity, hustle free from hostile third parties who may attempt to contest their rights over the Trust’s proprietary interests.   

Asset Protection & Tax Optimization  

PAHA offers turnkey solutions in restructuring existing corporate schemes to ensure your business operates within the boundaries of the law while restraining its tax exposure to the minimum. Corporate restructuring for tax optimization purposes requires a holistic approach which often involves the use of estate planning tools such as trusts, SPVs, banking services with corresponding banking institutions outside Cyprus, complicated electronic payment systems in conjunction with the incorporation of Cyprus or offshore companies with sustained control and management as well as proper administration of intellectual property rights for enjoying royalties tax free.
Each structure must be designed in a tailored made fashion upon assessing current company business activities, in depth book-keeping and audited financial statements’ analysis, segregation of corporate assets, clientele database as well as a close look to the current tax liabilities, if any. PAHA’s dedicated team of experts can offer bespoke and innovative solutions to match your highest expectations by redesigning a multilayered business solution that works best for the company’s needs while ensuring the lowest possible tax exposure. Leave your inquiry below and find out more how we can be of service.
Our Firm offers the following services in lieu to estate planning, asset protection and tax optimization matters:

  • In depth analysis and legal opinion of current asset affairs – exposure;
  • Drafting and Preparation of a Cyprus International Trust;
  • Custodian & Trustee legal and administration services;
  • Protection against secured creditors and third party contesting successors;
  • Corporate reconstruction & asset re-allocation;
  • Tax Avoidance and Optimization via sophisticated tax planning.

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FAQ on estate planning for UK expats in Cyprus

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