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Whether you are a young entrepreneur looking at starting your own company or you are part of an existing corporation operating in multiple jurisdictions, Cyprus is the ideal jurisdiction to establish or re-allocate your business. With over 50 double tax treaties in place complimented by a major network of bilateral Agreements and no red tape or blanket exceptions for international transactions, Cyprus has become a reputable financial hub in the region, offering one of the lowest tax regimes within the EU while its geopolitical location in the Middle East has proven to be an investment magnet due to the numerous strategic partnerships that Cyprus has singed over the years with its neighboring countries.
Our Firm has the knowhow and the expertise to register your Cyprus Company within 48 hours upon receiving your inquiry and once the due diligence has been processed. Upon your request, our banking experts can assist you with opening a bank account for your newly established Company at one of the most reliable Banking Institutions in Cyprus and get you started instantly. 

Key Benefits of a Cyprus Company

  • One of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU at 12,5% supported by a fully re-organized and re-capitalized banking sector.
  • No withholding tax or capital gains tax on dividend spread or sale of shares for non-Cyprus tax residents.
  • Notional Interest Deduction for new Equity invested in Company in the form of issued share capital or share premium as of 2015 equal to the 10 year governmental bond yield plus 3% which will be considered as interest expense and can be deducted from profits generated by the investment up to 80% cap of the taxable profits.
  • 50% exemption on income tax for employees earning €100,000 p.a or 20% for any remuneration for a period of 5 years for employees residing outside Cyprus before the commencement of their employment.
  • Protection of owner’s anonymity by appointing nominee directors and shareholders who shall in turn issue a trust deed to the ultimate beneficial owner.
  • By appointing nominated representatives the Company can enjoy full substance, control and management in Cyprus and comply with legal, audit and regulatory requirements which in turn grants further flexibility to the owners to run their business.


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