Corporate & Fiduciary Services

Our Firm specializes in the provision of corporate and fiduciary services for both local and international clients to support the operational part of the business from basic to complicated multi-layered corporate structures. Once engaged, we will use our know-how and professional expertise to become the backbone of your corporate affairs to help you grow and expand your business in a most efficient, rapid and productive manner. Below you can find a non – exhaustive list of the services we make available to you via our Firm, its corporate subsidiaries and affiliated partners operating both in Cyprus, Europe, Middle East, Asia and other offshore jurisdictions.


  • Formation, acquisition and dissolution of companies in Cyprus and abroad;
  • On demand new & old Cyprus shelf companies registered and administered by our firm;
  • Cyprus Branch registration (customized) for foreign registered companies;
  • Inhouse accounting & bookkeeping;
  • Opening of bank accounts (e.g credit, debit, escrow, client ,company, multi-currency, etc.) in Cyprus, Europe and selected offshore jurisdictions
  • Corporate management and secretarial services;
  • Corporate reorganization and restructuring;
  • Insolvency services;
  • Trustee-fiduciary and nominee services;
  • Corporate governance matters;
  • Advising on shareholders issues-including advice on the drafting, negotiation and implementation of subscription and shareholders’ agreements;
  • Capital increases, equity contribution, differentiation of class rights and venture-capital financing
  • Redomiciliation of companies;


  • Cross border transactions and joint ventures;
  • Agency, distributorship and franchise agreements;
  • Private and public offerings and takeovers;
  • Sophisticated structures involving Cyprus entities;
  • Securities law compliance;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions:
  • Structuring and tax optimisation of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures;
  • Financial and tax due diligence in connection with acquisitions involving Cyprus companies;
  • Drafting and negotiation of subscription/share purchase agreements, shareholders and joint venture agreements;
  • Legal and tax advice on corporate, regulatory, securities, competition, labour and enforcement matters;

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