Criminal Litigation

A person’s right to freedom and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is perhaps the most sacred human right that must be safeguarded at all times, at any cost.

PAHALAW strongly recommends its clients to get in touch immediately with our criminal law specialists after the initial arrest as the first 24 hours are critical for the outcome of the case and may affect the line of defence that will follow in a court hearing.

Having dealt successfully in the past with a number of high profile criminal cases our team can handle with the outmost professionalism the following procedures and offences from the District level all the way up to an Appeal at the Supreme Court:

  • Defending the issuing of a remand for suspect / remand for defendant
  • Filing objections on technicalities for issued search warrants
  • Escorting client to the police station, supervise his written statement to the police
  • Common assault & battery / Grievous bodily harm (GBH) offences
  • Sexual assault / Harassment / Attempted Rape / Rape
  • White Collar Crime
  • Robbery / Theft
  • Breaking & Entering
  • Damage to Property
  • Minor offences for Social Insurances / VAT
  • Uncovered checks (art. 305 A. of the Penal Code) & Stop-payments
  • Possession / Use & Drug Trafficking (any class of drags)
  • Gambling
  • Illegal Employment of third party nationals

For help on emergency only situations or when indicted please get in touch with us directly and your call shall be forwarded to one of our criminal law practitioners who is on call. For general inquiries kindly fill in the form below.

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