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PAHALAW, is at the forefront of advising the media, literary, music, gaming, sports and entertainment industries on legal, finance, borrowing, investment and corporate issues. Our Firm offers turnkey legal services and specializes on production and rights’ acquisitions, exploitation of media rights as well as on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Being ourselves passionate about music and sporting activities, we understand the importance of allowing an artist to focus on his career while being worried-free from any compliance matters on regulatory and administrative issues. At PAHALAW, we look into the client’s personal needs and advice accordingly to secure his best of interests for the years to come.

PAHALAW’s expert team of lawyers offers a wide range of legal services in the fields of media and entertainment law, constantly focusing on protecting the intellectual and financial interests of its clients, in an ever-changing world where the internet and globalization can both “make or break” an artist’s or sportsman’s lifetime work. Our key legal and advisory services in the field include:

  • Drafting and negotiating development and production contracts, such as writer, talent, performance, sponsorship, events management and recording agreements.
  • Facilitating and negotiating distribution deals for an entertainment project.
  • Working on financing agreements for sponsorships, bank loans, co-production investments, grants, and other types of investments.
  • Specializing on securing funding from EU programs and other governmental / institutional authorities and protecting Intellectual Property rights in the field of science and technology with an emphasis on research and development projects.
  • Preparing form agreements for clients, such as appearance releases, location releases, and license agreements.
  • Reviewing contracts and other legal documents to analyze rights issues or other business or legal questions.
  • Facilitating and negotiating distribution deals for an entertainment project.
  • Protecting artist’s intellectual property rights including branding, literary, distribution, royalties, trademark and copyrights.
  • Advising on antitrust and competition law matters including the resolution of cross-border jurisdictional disputes.
  • White-labeling for online gaming platforms and software applications and setting up merchant accounts for e-commerce media products.

For further information with specific inquiries on Media and Entertainment legal and advisory matters, please contact us at [email protected].

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