We are proud to announce a new partnership with XEROF, a Swiss regulated crypto friendly gateway for real estate and OTC exchange.

XEROF  is a VQF/ FINMA regulated crypto exchange brokerage in Switzerland and in collaboration with its custodian bank Maerki Baumann Co. AG, one of the oldest and most prestigious banking institutions in Switzerland can assist clients to purchase real estate property in Cyprus or abroad with fiat settlement to third party (Real Estate Seller, Notary etc.)

How can PAHALAW assist you buy a Property with crypto in six steps?

  1. We assist you to find your property via our real estate agents and negotiate the price in local currency.
  2. Legal review of the Sales – Purchase Agreement to ensure no red flags or unfair provisions are included in the contract to safeguard the client’s best interests.
  3. Onboarding client via performing the necessary KYT, AML, KYC and due diligence in order to open your crypto account with our partners.
  4. We will assist you to send your crypto to our partners.
  5. Exchange your crypto to local currency via our partners.
  6. We will handle necessary correspondence with the seller’s bank for our partners to perform payout directly to your seller/notary/escrow in an all inclusive fee structure.

At PAHALAW we provide a range of turnkey crypto related services which can be found here. Our mission is to remain on the forefront of current and upcoming developments in the banking, regulatory and legal aspect of the crypto industry  to be in position to  accommodate our clients with the most advanced fintech solutions for efficient and rapid results.

For more information please send us an e-mail at [email protected]

FAQ on estate planning for UK expats in Cyprus

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