The EU internal market consists of four basic freedoms being:

A. free movement of goods

B. free movement of capital

C. free movement of services

D. free movement of persons

These freedoms can be sub categorized to correspond to specific fields and effectively there are different governmental, semi-governmental and non-governmental organizations, departments, bodies, institutions and principles in Cyprus that supervise, monitor and regulate those freedoms as part of the national harmonization measures taken up by Cyprus to comply with the provisions of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (art. 26), C326/47, “The Internal Market”. In effect where an EU citizen confronts with an actual problem in relation to the exercise of such rights he will have to turn to the corresponding Institution to seek help, protection and guidelines.

Below is a non-exhaustive Directory list with website links of relevant institutions and authorities that correspond to each kind of freedom as explained above:

A. Free movement of goods: 

  1.  Ministry of Finance – Customs & Excise Department:
  2. Cyprus Consumer Association (non-profit organisation):
  3. Ministry of Energy Commerce Industry and Tourism:

B. Free movement of capital:

  1.  Cyprus Central Bank:
  2. Bank of Cyprus:
  3. Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver:
  4. Cyprus Stock Exchange:
  5. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission:
  6. Ministry of Interior – Department of Lands and Surveys:
  7. Ministry of Finance:

C. Free movement of services:

  1. Banking Sector: Cyprus Central Bank
  2. Financial Services: Ministry of Finance & CySec
  3. The Co-operatives Department of the Ministry of Commerce, Consumer Affairs & Business Development
  4. Department of information and Technology:
  5. Co-operative Central Bank:
  6. Insurance Services: Private Companies via the Insurance Companies Control Service (Ministry of Finance):
  7. Investment Services: CySec
  8. Protection of Data & Free movement of data: Ministry of Interior:
  9. Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver:
  10. Services for Craftsmen, traders and farmers: Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment:
  11. Working permits: Civil Registry and Migration Department via the Ministry of Interior:
  12. Social Insurance: Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance:
  13. Inland Revenue and Tax VAT Service: Tax Department of Ministry of Finance:
  14. Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA):
  15. Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI):
  16. The Institute of Certified Public Accounts of Cyprus:
  17. The Cyprus Bar Association:

D. Free movement of persons: 

  1. Citizen Service Centres via the Ministry of Finance:
  2. Free movement of workers: Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance
  3. Civil Registry and Migration Department
  4. Cyprus Post: via the Ministry of Transportation, Communication and Works:
  5. Department of Road Transport:
  6. Department of Public Works:
  7. University of Cyprus:
  8. Ministry of Education and Culture:
  9. Cyprus Tourism Organisation:
  10. Cyprus Police:
  11. Ministry of Health:

For more information on the above non-exhaustive directory list please contact Mr. Paris Hadjipanayis at [email protected]



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