Andreas Parparinos

Andreas is the executive partner of the Firm. He is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association and has been practicing law since 2008, offering legal advice and services to both local and international clients in private and commercial matters.

Over his extensive legal course, Andreas has gained vast experience in inheritance and succession laws and has been appointed as an Executor and Administrator in Wills and Probate Actions in Cyprus, involving cross-border contesting rights between heirs. Andreas is also acting as a Protector and Trustee in high profile International and Domestic Trusts while offering his clients turnkey estate planning solutions for asset protection and tax optimization.

Andreas is an expert in all matters related to real estate including property acquisitions and contract drafting, lease and license to use agreements while advising on work and permanent residence permits via immigration laws and relocation plans in a tailor manner.

Andreas is amongst the lawyers in Cyprus that have been nominated by the Supreme Court of Cyprus to provide the services of the Court Registry when it comes to the certification of sworn affidavits.

Articles by Andreas Parparinos

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