Estate Administration, Wills & Probate Actions

Parparinos & Hadjipanayis LLC department of Wills and Probate Solicitors have a vast amount of experience dealing with all issues relating to Wills, Probate & Estate Administration matters. Our aim is to provide an extensive and valuable service that helps you organize your estate affairs in a tax efficient way providing you with means for continued enjoyment of wealth. The death of a loved one is always a difficult and challenging time. Our Wills & Probate Solicitors can provide you with all expert advice, assistance and reassurance necessary to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Our expert solicitors have a vast amount of experience of dealing with:

  • Wills
  • Probate Actions
  • Ordinary & Lasting powers of attorney
  • Inheritance tax
  • Trusts
  • Contesting a Will or Estate
  • Financial Planning

We plan ahead in so many areas of our lives – whether planning a family, a career or the next holiday. It’s important to also plan ahead to leave a legacy of our homes and finances as well as planning for a time when we may not be able to make decisions for ourselves.
This could happen at any time to any of us, don’t wait to reach old age or infirmity as unfortunately we can’t predict when death or loss of capacity might occur. Every adult should have a Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney to ensure they and their beloved ones are protected in the future.
Our Wills and Probate Solicitors will ensure that:

  • We will be available and approachable
  • We won’t use legal jargon
  • We will provide a fast and straightforward service
  • Our service will meet your individual needs and circumstances
  • The price is value for money

By having a will, you can ensure your assets are divided as you want them to be, and decide who you want to deal with your estate after your death. If you do not have a will, the law will make these decisions for you, without taking into account your wishes or individual circumstances.
Here are few reasons why you should make a Will:

  • choose your executors
  • appoint guardians for your children
  • make gifts to family and friends and give personal belongings
  • inheritance tax planning
  • create trusts to protect vulnerable relatives
  • set out your funeral wishes
  • give to charity
  • avoid family disputes

We offer clear, one-to-one advice on wills, and our drafting service is extremely efficient – we can usually draft a will very quickly and we offer free will storage. And if you wish to remove the burden from your family, you can appoint us to be the executors of your will if you so wish.
Probate Actions
If someone dies without a Will then it is said that they have died Intestate and the Law will determine who will take a share in the estate. We understand that bereavement is an incredibly difficult time. Our firm takes away some of that burden by providing support in dealing with the paperwork no matter what the size of the estate. We believe that communication is invaluable to providing a fast and efficient service and so we keep you in the picture at every stage.
A Grant of Probate is the authority given by the Courts which entitles a person to act as the Administrator of the estate of the deceased. The role of Administrators is important and carries with it personal responsibility. For that reason many of those appointed to carry out the requisite tasks who are not professional advisors appoint a lawyer to act on their behalf in dealing with the estate.
Our Services on all aspects of probate and the administration of estates include:

  • Helping with the immediate tasks following a death, such as registering the death, understanding the terms of the Will ( or considering the position if there is no Will)an providing an initial guide to the necessary action required
  • Investigating the values of the assets and liabilities in the estate
  • Advising on inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax
  • Obtaining, as necessary, the grant of probate or letters of administration
  • Contacting all financial institutions and gathering information
  • Selling or transferring assets
  • Paying bills
  • Contacting beneficiaries and paying monies due
  • Negotiating with tax authorities s required
  • Preparing deeds of variation and deeds of family arrangement
  • Dealing with assets in different countries and foreign wills.

We will always endeavor to provide you will an estimate of time and costs from the outset, which we will normally address at the initial meeting with the executors once we are familiar with the estate.
For further information on probate and administration of estates please contact us at [email protected].
Ordinary & Lasting powers of attorney
There are a number of reasons why you might need someone to make decisions for you or act on your behalf. It could just be temporary: for example, if you are in hospital and need help with everyday things such as making sure those bills are paid. Or you may need to make more long-term plans if, for example, you have been diagnosed with an illness.
Ordinary Power of Attorney give someone else authority to act on your behalf. It is only valid while you still have mental capacity to make your own decisions about your finances, so that you can keep an eye on what the person making decisions for you (your attorney) is doing. You can limit the power you give to your attorney so that they can only deal with certain assets, for example, your bank account but not your home.
A lasting power of attorney gives someone you trust the legal authority to make decisions on your behalf, if either you’re unable to in the future or you no longer wish to make decisions for yourself.

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