Cyprus Regulatory & Licensing

Having accumulated a wealth experience in servicing international companies which offer investments services worldwide, PAHALAW can assist with the following:

  • Structure and license EU and no-EU based Investments Firms, Investments Funds, Hedge Funds, Payment Institutions, E-Wallets / Electronic Money Firms, Gaming, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies and banks inter alia;
  •  Advise the client of the most tax efficient and cost effective jurisdiction that matches their target market needs, their business plans and office requirements;
  • Prepare internal, anti-money laundering, risk management and compliance procedures and manuals that adhere to the current laws and regulations and a business plan to support the firm grow and become instantly competitive in the market;
  • Administer the procedures of the application for obtaining the relevant license;
  • Monitor and supervise the procedures for activating your license and become fully operational;
  • Recruit and allocate expert personnel in key positions of your firm;
  • Communicate and represent the licensee to the relevant regulator during the application phase Expand the license, add a branch or apply for new licenses in  EU and non EU countries (such as UK, Malta, Cyprus, Ireland, Gibraltar, Belize, BVI, Mauritius, Seychelles, Cayman, Bermuda, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong).
  • Act as Intermediary Agent for acquiring the ownership of a fully activated CIF and handle the due diligence and transfer out process;

Corporate and Finance & Fiduciary Services provided by PAHALAW

CYPRUS LAW LEGAL SERVICES PAHALAW has extensive experience in corporate finance and related regulatory services and can provide the following services:

  • Early development and venture funding
  • Acquisitions
  • Debt Finance
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Distressed Debt Solutions
  • Development of Exit Strategies
  • Joint Ventures and Associations
  • Incentive Schemes, including management, employee, client/customer loyalty
  • Private Equity Funds
  • International Transactions
  • Public Offerings and IPO’s include:
    • Pre Public offering strategy and restructuring
    • Preparation of prospectuses
    • Preparation of Offering memoranda and other related offering documents for public and private financing
    • Preparation of listing documentation for Cyprus Stock Exchange
    • Providing advice on creative corporate financing techniques involving the use of debentures, warrants, special warrants, debt conversion, bonds, limited partnerships, and other such instruments.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Due Diligence
    • Company Mergers
    • Company Takeovers and Acquisitions
    • Management Buy In
    • Reverse takeovers
    • Reorganizations
    • Public and Listed Companies Take-over bids
  • Investment Company & Domestic or Offshore Funds Formation and Compliance
    • Deciding on Form, Structure and Strategy
    • Instructions towards the Involved Professionals or Authorities
    • Registration of the Legal Structure
    • Preparation of The memorandum or deed including by laws
    • Making the necessary agreements as to management, investment etc
    • Starting and completing any application Procedures
    • Acting as Trustee and Agent through one of our related companies
    • Human Capital Development
    • Appointment and allocation of key positions in CIF such as Market Maker, Executive and Non – Executive Directors, Compliance Officer, Risk Manager, Internal / External Auditor, Accountant

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